We returned from Chicago on Thursday and by Friday afternoon I had a fever of 102. I’ve improved since then, though you really don’t get over the flu in a day or two. It generally takes a week. I can console myself in that I don’t live in a Dickens novel, where people who get caught out in a cool rain in September wake up in May wondering what happened to Christmas and all their short-term municipal bond investments. I’m a lucky fellow to live when and where I do, though I’m plenty impatient to stop the chills and hacking cough. I shall push on as best I can regardless, because I miss posting.

9 thoughts on “Flu!”

  1. Oh man that sucks! My boyfriend and I were just caught by a flu-like something this weekend too, so we feel ya.

    Rest up and feel better!

    1. Thanks, Katherine! I get the flu semiannually despite flu shots. I’m generally very healthy otherwise, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. But it sucks!

      – Joe

  2. Oh no! I was in bed with it for at least a week back before Thanksgiving. I’m so sorry it got you! But it sounds like you’re determined to bounce back. Hooray for you but take care of yourself!

    1. I do despise being sick. I’m a good patient when I am, but tend to feel good and sorry for myself much of the time. Fortunately I got a good night’s sleep last night for the first time in about a week (chills and sweats are finally over, thank God). Hopefully I only have a couple of days left. Yick!

      – Joe

  3. Get better soon Joe. My bête noire is bronchitis. I get it every couple of years. I had the flu last year but Tamiflu helped out.

    1. I’ve had the flu 3 out of the last 5 years. It loves me. And I get shots!

      Sorry about the bronchitis, that’s a toughie. I’ll take the flu, actually.

      – Joe

    1. Love that. We men turn into such pathetic little babies when we get sick, don’t we?

      I’ll be sharing that…though maybe not with Mrs. Pastry, it’ll depress the amount sympathy I get.

      – Joe

  4. Finally felt up to checking in, after days of high fevers, chills and sweats and hallucinations (not the good ones), and see you’re suffering too. So sorry. I’m still on the fence about that flue shot; haven’t had one in around twenty years after getting so sick when I got one. Maybe it does lessen the effect? Hope you’re feeling better. You’re obviously way more capable than I – look at all those posts!

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