Thanks, PBS!

What a delight to discover, mid-way through my mid-winter break, that Joe Pastry made this year’s PBS top ten food blogs list! Quite a compliment considering all fabulous blogs PBS named. I’m in formidable company and I have to say it feels good! Thanks, PBS, I’ll do my best to live up to the honor in 2014!

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  1. You so deserve it Joe! Your blog is fun and informative. Anyone could be a better baker following you. Thanks for all the great recipes and tutoring and encouragement. I hope 2014 is a great year for you and yours – healthy, happy and prosperous!

    1. You made my day, Frankly! Thanks very much and may 2014 be a banner year for you as well!


      – Joe

  2. Congratulations, Joe!

    A little science, a little history, a lot of fun, great insights and analysis, plus that personal touch (replying to your readers almost daily) lacking in most foodie blogs…I’d say they were right to recognize you!

  3. What a nice way to begin the New Year! …especially since it’s so appropriate and well-earned! Your blog has been a delight as long as I’ve known it and I am grateful to be able to learn and grown and be amused by it.

    Hope this gives you new energy to keep doing exactly what you do. ;>

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I still haven’t promoted your book I’m ashamed to say. I want to get after that!

      – Joe

  4. Great, there goes the neighborhood… now we’ll have all sorts of people in here gumming up the comments section.

    I’m kidding, I’m kidding! 🙂

    I AM a little sheepish that more people are going to know how I’m whipping out such tasty treats, though.

    1. I take that in the best possible way, Roger. Always nice to be somebody’s secret weapon! And don’t worry, these things generally cause a short-remember spike and then back to usual. In a few days it’ll be just us chickens again. 😉

      – Joe

  5. Well done Joe, we’ll work on getting into the Top 5 next year 🙂

    Congratulations on having such a great blog, it’s been my go-to page for a long time for everything baking related,

    1. Ha! Yes indeed. And thanks very much. Hope you had a great couple of holidays on that idyllic Kiwi farm of yours!

      – Joe

  6. I’m glad others recognize the best too – you deserve it. Looking forward to the posts of 2014.

  7. Well deserved! Happy New Year! I agree a little with Roger, although I do tell anyone that will listen how great I think your site is.

    1. Thanks, Heather! And I appreciate it. But no worries, as I was explaining to Roger, these things always quiet down fast. Shortly it’ll be just us again! 😉

      – Joe

  8. Congratulations – and best wishes to you and your family for a Happy Healthy 2014 -and of course more adventures in baking land 🙂

    1. Yeah, yeah…that’s about what I’d expect coming from you, CFDU. Which reminds me to write yet another letter to WordPress, asking them to write regional block-out controls into their blog software. This “World Wide” Web thing is definitely overrated.

      – Jos

  9. Happy New Year Joe! I’m so delighted for you! I am not surprised you are on the list… nope! Not at all! I’m more surprised that you haven’t been on the list before! I don’t do facebook, I don’t tweet, but I DO read Joe Pastry every day! You are one of the “wonders” of the world wide web and I feel enriched being a part of your community here. Your posts are tremendously educational and your readers/comments are great too. I always learn something new… even if it is about something old. 😀 Thank you for sharing! I hope you and the Pastry family had a wonderful holiday season! I think 2014 will be a great year for all!

    Best of the best to you and yours!

    1. Holy cow, Eva. What to say to a comment like except that I’ll save it and present it to Mrs. Pastry the next time she doubts me. Here’s to a great 2014 for us all!


      – Joe

  10. Well, what an honor and you deserve it. I love this blog dearly and have managed to wow my co-workers with some of the recipes from it.

    1. Hehe…thanks so much, Ellen! It means a lot that you’ve stayed with me as long as you have! Cheers,

      – Joe

  11. As a physics teacher, I love the academic part of your writing…as well as the recipes and opinions!


  12. I am thrilled to learn that you received this honor from PBS!! I really enjoy your blog and because of you, I now make a mean Danish Pastry!! Thanks so much for helping me become a better baker! Congratulations Joe …. Diane

  13. Congrats – you deserve so.
    1 kg All Purpose flour
    150 grams sugar
    200 gr butter, soft
    10 gr salt
    Zest of 1 lemon
    120 gr (6) egg yolk
    400 gr whole milk, warmed
    70 gr fresh yeast (that would be roughly 23 gr instant)

    Dissolve fresh yeast in the milk. Mix flour, sugar salt and lemon peel in mixer bowl. Add milk/yeast mix and yolks and begin mixing with the dough hook. Mix until a fairly dry dough starts forming, then begin adding the butter in pieces mixing until you have a smooth but fairly soft dough. Let rise for 1 hour (I like to refrigerate the dough to make it easier to work with). Roll half of dough out on a rimmed baking sheet ( rimmed on all sides is important, otherwise the melted butter on the cake will dirty your oven).
    Let rise for 30 minutes. Prick with fork and make indentations with your finger – every 1 centimeter or so. Spread with 4-6 Tablespoons heavy cream, the higher amount if you like your cakes moist. Cut 200 gr butter into small cubes, refrigerate until firm and divide among the indentations – don’t be too fussy about this, it’s fine if they are halfway evenly spread over the dough. Sprinkle 100 gr sliced almonds and 125 grams fine granulated sugar over the cake.
    Let rise 20 more minutes and preheat the oven to about 480* F. Oven must be hot otherwise the cake will dry out.
    Bake for about 15 mins – cake should be golden with some brown spots. Best enjoyed warm.

    here’s the butterkuchen recipe i promised. hope it’s ok to post here, can’t get an email through to you. any questions, please mail me..
    best, sanni

  14. Congratulations! It’s great to see that also information, science and clarity is valued in such top lists, not only fancy photos 🙂 All the best to you and your family in this year, and success in kitchen projects! (though also mistakes are valuable here, as you make them a great lesson for your readers!)

    1. You made my day, Antuanete! Same to you — and here’s to a great year!

      – Joe

  15. I’m so excited for your well-deserved recognition! I check your blog every day, and am sure to direct all of my friends and family to your blog when they have questions about baking. Your new year is off to a great start, and I hope you and your family enjoy many more triumphs all through 2014!

    1. Thanks very much, Catherine. This will be a great year for baking I can tell already! 😉

      Your friend,

      – Joe

  16. Awesome! Congratulations to you!

    Time to set up a Pinterest page! 😉

    All the best in 2014 to you, Mr Pastry. 🙂

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