Back in Sweet Home Chicago

The high temperature will be 7 tomorrow. Italian beef sandwiches are served piping hot and sopping wet, and thin crust pizzas are sliced cross-ways into squares. People drive 60 miles and hour ten feet from each other’s bumper down the highway and three cars turn left at the tail end of every yellow light. Is this a little bit of paradise or what? There’s even a classic Chicago-Green Bay grudge match on TV. Hope you’re having a nice post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s rest. I’ll eat a few pieces of Salerno’s for you. – Joe

17 thoughts on “Back in Sweet Home Chicago”

  1. Yeah, what is it with that square-pieces-from-a-round-pizza thing? Defies common sense–picking up the pieces in the middle is messy. (Hm, well, I’m from New York, where we all know the REAL pizza comes from.)

    1. Ehem. Sue, I’ve banned people from the comment fields for lesser offenses to the Chicago way. I recommend caution here.

      – Jod

        1. My revenge will be watching the Packers get beat today. They are not an especially good team despite their performance last week. Then again the 49ers rarely have to play in five-degree weather.

          – Joe

    1. …okay, my html didn’t work right. Anyway, you’re one of PBS’s ’10 Best Food Blogs’ of 2013!!

    2. Your link works just fine for me, Ann.

      Hey Joe … congratulations on the PBS recognition. It’s well deserved, and I expect your traffic will see a big spike from this.

      1. Oh the link works! It just removed half the text I MEANT for it to have. LOL
        I used to know how to format a website by heart, and now I can’t even link right! Ah well.

      2. Funny, so far it hasn’t, but that’s not to say it will. Thanks, OOTTs!

        – Joe

  2. OMG! Just your mentioning Salerno’s pizza- square slices & all!!!- brings back the best memories of growing up in Oak Park in the late 60’s/early 70’s! My sister & I would always pick Salerno’s for our birthday dinners out! I can literally smell the pizza & feel the love & comfort of those family moments. Thanks for the reminder! (Just found your cool foodie blog as it was mentioned by PBS as a ‘top ten food blog for 2013 on my Twitter Feed.)

    1. Hey Jessica!

      Most of Mrs. Pastry’s family lives in Oak Park these days (she’s a scrappy little thing originally from Maywood). I can tell you the pizza is just as good as it always was…so are the dogs at Parky’s!

      – Joe

  3. Unrelated comment to this post, but I just skimmed through some of your blog entries on Michael Pollan, and I just gotta say, Amen & Spot On!!!! 🙂

    1. Glad to hear you say so, Jessica! I’ve gotten a lot of grief for those over the years. But someone’s gotta take a stand against his nonsense! 😉

      – Joe

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