Next Up: Kugelhopf

Since most of us still have a pile of rich sweets, candies and chocolates to deal with at home, it seems something a bit less indulgent is the way to go this week. And anyway, my kugelhopf pan hasn’t been getting enough use!

8 thoughts on “Next Up: Kugelhopf”

  1. Hurrah! I love Kugelhopf, but whenever I try and make one my dough won’t rise and I don’t know whyyyyyyyyy! I know you’ll save me from flat Kugels that are driving me dolali!

  2. Oh man I am so looking forward to this. I know the one I grew up on was different, mom made a poppy seed version (not sure if it is because her dad came from Northern Germany & they just did it differently or simply thats they she liked it). First time I had someone else’s I was stunned as it was more a light fruitcake, good but surprising to me.

    I have never made one so it should be fun.

    1. I’m looking forward to it as well, Frankly. I haven’t made one in a good long while.

      – Joe

  3. Yes! I have been waiting for a “Joe” recipe. Most of the recipes I find are vague. You will set us straight, I am sure.

  4. Anything I could make that will keep the oven nice and hot would be good! Roasting carrots last night helped keep my house warm!

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