So OK, let me think…

I promised plenty of chocolate with this, so I’m thinking that under the dark chocolate glaze will be mousse..probably chocolate, probably frozen or at least darn chilly. I’ll need a cake bottom of some kind. More chocolate or is that gratuitous? Honestly the thing I’m thinking about right now is the surprise center. That’s a necessity in a bombe and it needs to be something interesting. Perhaps some sort of fruit mousse in there…I’m not sure, so I’m throwing it open to the field.

Hm. A crowd-sourced bombe. Sounds like political subversion of some kind. No wonder Joe Pastry is banned in China. I’m a dangerous man!

35 thoughts on “So OK, let me think…”

  1. Hi Joe,

    Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate on the outside. How about a brownie bottom instead of a cake bottom? I suggest any of the following flavors for the center: hazelnut, cinnamon, coffee, peanut butter, strawberry, raspberry, banana, heck you could even do something like an icy spicy chili center or go for something boozy. Indeed, there are so many delicious combinations with chocolate. I can’t wait to find out what you pick. What ever it turns out to be, I’m sure your bombe will be an explosion of flavor! (Sorry, I just can’t help myself 😉 )


  2. Why not take a cue from the Opera cake, fill the bombe with chocolate mousse, espresso mousse and Hazelnut mousse and use a jaconde sponge for the cake base. With that shiny chocolate glaze you will have all the elements of an the original torte in a new shape. Even the textures are not that far off.

  3. Cherry seemed like an obvious choice for the center, but since no one’s mentioned it yet, that’s my vote. Although I do like the idea of doing something with chiles…

  4. What about a spiced orange mousse. Especially if it’s with dark chocolate. Maybe even with a hint of chilli.

    1. Nifty…chocolate and oranges. Very Continental…with an indigenous Central American chile touch…nice!

  5. Is this to be in honor of the Derby? If so, why not a mint julep mousse filling on a chocolate bourbon base with a mint chocolate shell?

    Coconut cake is another southern speciality around Derby time. A coconut cream mousse center surrounded by a swirled dark and white chocolate shell with fluffy coconut stuck in it all over on a Fudgy Chocolate Lamington base? I off base and this not about the Derby at all?

    1. Holy cow, Susan, is that ever great thinking. Talk about a throwdown!

      – Joe

    1. Ooh yeah, now there’s someone who truly in the Derby spirit, as it were. Thanks Salpy!

      – Joe

  6. Don’t know about Kentucky, but the local Tennessee strawberries are just coming into markets and are incredible! Strawberries and chocolate sounds rather like Valentines’ day but is a winning combo.

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