Tha Bombe

Well it’s been ages since I’ve done a proper pastry. Seeing as how it’s Derby week I think it’s appropriate. I’ve had a few requests for some specific components that I can work into it. Specifically a shiny chocolate “lacquer” glaze from Japan that isn’t made of tempered chocolate but a far easier gelatin base. Some sort of chocolate bombe would be fun, I’m thinking. Any and all ideas for fillings/layers are welcome.

6 thoughts on “Tha Bombe”

    1. I’m going to have to look that up, Samantha! Is it some sort of spread like Nutella?


      – Joe

  1. Very excited for this series! I saw a bombe cake in a bakery when I got back from Ghana, couldn’t resist, then promptly bought and ate it. and I think I almost gave myself diabetes. So good! It’s going to be an exciting week on this blog. 🙂

      1. that’s where i’ve been for the past three months, haha! remember me saying that I might actually need to utilize your tip about pulling on a lion’s uvula to escape it’s jowls? 🙂 It was an awesome trip, but I’m glad to be back. The first thing I wanted to do was bake something super sweet and eat all of it.

        1. Ah yes, I do remember now, thought I don;t think you shared the destination. Welcome back!

          – J

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