Just what you’ve always wanted!

A way to send me money! I thought about adding a little clinking noise of coins dropping in, but my developer said it would lead to death threats. Seriously, I realize putting up a donation button for your readers is a little like giving your wife a gym membership for her birthday. Thanks a lot! So all I have to say is: look, I love you. Don’t change. But if you did decide to donate you’d probably feel better, have more energy and be able to fit into that little black dress you like so much.

2 thoughts on “Just what you’ve always wanted!”

  1. Joe, I am very happy to donate! All of the instructions, tutorials and perfect recipes you’ve provided are more than equal to any of my cookbooks on the shelf making you worth the cost of a very fine cookbook indeed. I even made a mini-cookbook of your instructions for shaping danishes. I love reading your site and appreciate your suggestions for my Louisville visit last summer. Keep up the good work as there is no other food site I trust more than yours.

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