The Week: Dobos Torte

This’ll be a nice way to celebrate the Joe Pastry 2.0 inaugural, a true oldie and goodie from Budapest that’s been languishing on my request list for far too long. So make room on your counter, because you’re going to need all the space you can get.

4 thoughts on “The Week: Dobos Torte”

  1. Joe,

    I was born and raised in the New Orleans area and grew up enjoying a cake called a “Doberge”. I had no idea it was a local (French?) delicacy until I unfortunately moved away from home due to my husband’s career. Naturally, I can’t find a Doberge cake within 2000 miles of Boulder, CO so I have been hunting for recipes to help me re-create one. I’ve had difficulty finding a recipe that seems to be a “true” Doberge cake, but the Dobos Torte is something I have run across several times in my search for a good recipe. Can you tell me if you’ve ever had a Doberge cake and if the Dobos Torte is anything like it?

    Thanks much!!!

    1. Glad you sent in this question, Christi. Indeed I intend to get to this very topic over the course of the week!

  2. Clearing space in my New York City kitchen — which is saying something — so let’s get started! Congrats on the update, it looks great!

    1. Oh Lord, a New York apartment! If it’s anything like my wife’s old place on Jones Street, you’ll need to clear and dust the tops of the book cases and maybe lay a piece of plywood over the bath tub. Also, is the fire escape available? And thanks for the compliments on the new site!

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