Of course…

…you can still send me private emails as well if you’d like to submit questions in that form. On which note, reader Emily asks how long it’s been since I’ve upgraded the site. I’m a little embarrassed to tell you, Emily, because while I’ve changed the design to this or that degree the last couple of years, I’ve never upgraded the software. That’s due largely to a combination of laziness and incompetence, but also to a platform that didn’t upgrade very easily (or well). As of today I’m a WordPress man, so I shouldn’t have those kinds of problems in the future. This new site is going up almost five years to the day that I first started blogging.

6 thoughts on “Of course…”

  1. Is your blog scripting finished now, then? It used to fit on my screen all in one go, but now I have to scroll side to side to see it all. Curse my old people eyes and need for a low resolution monitor! I’ll do the side to side scroll, mind, because your blog rocks, but I’m a little sad that I have to. I’m still getting used to the new site design, trying to find things, but it looks like a lot of thought went into it, and I’m sure when I adjust I’ll love it. Hope it suits you perfectly. ^^

    1. Hello! Nothing’s carved in stone with this. There may well be more changes coming according to what sort of comments and criticisms I get. Sorry for the extra effort you’re having to put in.

  2. No worries, new things always need a bit of a shake down period, and exploring your new site is an adventure. *smiles* Glad you got moved, and I hope it’s going smoothly.

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