The Incredible Disappearing Joe

Hello all! Historically I go through bouts of inconsistency with posting, a week here, a week there. It’s been like that since I set out on this little blogging adventure nine years ago. Lately life has been busier than that, as I’m sure you noticed. My hope is that I’ll be more or less over the hump in the next couple of weeks as I get my new business accounts up and running. After that life should return, more or less, to normal, albeit with a Puerto Rico/Los Angeles flair. Thanks for your patience, I shall post what I can in the meantime!

31 thoughts on “The Incredible Disappearing Joe”

  1. Best of luck to you on securing and managing the new accounts!

    I couldn’t help but try your take on the Hokkaido Milk bread…added a full ounce of sugar instead of the half, rolled reconstituted raisins with creamed honey and cinnamon into the four envelopes of dough, very fun dough to work with and magnificent results! Thanks Joe!

    1. Hey Dave!

      Sorry to only be getting back to you now. I would love to make toast with that!

      Glad it worked so well.


      – Joe

  2. There’s still plenty of great stuff in your archives. Just yesterday I made a version of your Black Forest Cake, which was probably the first time I’ve baked a cake in years. It was a request for my father-in-law’s birthday, and despite my lack of cake baking experience, I thought “I bet I can find something at Joe Pastry!”. You might find my variation (using a sous vide) on the water bath for the egg-sugar foam amusing.

    1. Have I commented before that I love your Firesign references?

      That’s one cool technique!

      – Joe Beets

    1. Thanks CFDU, getting up some steam again here! It’s been a long haul!

      – J

  3. Hope your work is going well, Joe; we appreciate all your work on this website so much!

  4. Buenos dias, Jose. I can commiserate with you on the challenges of meeting all of the needs – family, business, and personal pursuits. I have been similarly challenged in the past and will be again in the future. Don’t worry about me… I’m patient and will be eagerly awaiting your return, whenever that may be. Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks for your understanding, Brian!

      Things are starting to calm down a little now. Hopefully I can return to a more regular schedule over the next week or so!


      – Joe

  5. Yay for new business accounts! Congrats! Planning on scratch-made cherry chip cake & Detroit-style pizza in a couple of weeks. Will let you know how they come out.

      1. The pizza was perfect. My mom said it tasted just like Buddy’s. Very much worth the three days of work. Thank you for asking!

        1. Excellent! Thanks for letting me know, Jennifer. Just out of curiosity, what recipe did you use?

          – Joe

  6. Los Angeles? We need to setup a place for you to espouse wisdom to us blog fans in the area…perhaps accompanied by food and beer…and history lessons.

    1. Talk about a blockbuster…a little booth right there on Sunset. “Baking questions answered $5”. “Joe’s Philosophy of Life, 14¢”

      The food and beer might just make it tolerable! Thanks Derek I shall consider that! 😉

      – Joe

  7. I look forward to some new posts once you’ve settled in. You’ve piqued my curiosity – what’s the connection between Puerto Rico and LA?

    1. Hey Hans!

      I’ve been on business in those two places this last month. New clients there, so the travel has been required. I actually found a few things of interest in Puerto Rico, baked goods I’d never heard of!


      – Joe

  8. Hi Joe. May i use some of your posts as a reference for an upcoming essay about the science of baking? I’ll be crediting you of course in my essay. Thanks!

  9. Ok, it’s been nearly a month, time is up, get your sleeves rolled up and get back into the kitchen will ya?

    I’ve had to go back through the archives, (cough cough) jeez the dust in there, and made a few things I had noted, but keep up to date Joe, c.mon, your fans, all 3 of us, miss you 🙂

    1. Leave it to you to crack the whip after a long month, Warren! But I shall get something going here this week, I promise. I have 318 comments that need answering, so I should be able to at least put up some decent Q&A posts in short order. The three of you generate an awful lot of questions!

      – Joe

    1. It’s been busy! But I think the worst is over, thanks for asking. It’s been a lot of travel and stress, but that sentiment makes me feel a lot better, Malini!


      – Joe

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