Making Chocolate Diplomat Cream

Reader Mia asks:

How can i make chocolate pastry cream or diplomat cream? Adding cocoa powder to the whipping cream does not really provide enough chocolate-y flavour

Mia, there are several ways you can tackle this lovely problem. One way to flavor a diplomat cream is to add melted chocolate to the whipped cream portion. You can do that like this. Another route to the same end is to add chocolate to the pastry cream. I’d add about a quarter cup (0.75 ounce) cocoa powder to the milk and sugar mixture and whisk it steadily as it comes to the boil. Proceed as normal, then whisk about another few ounces of bittersweet chocolate into the finished pastry cream when it’s still hot.

If you want to go nuts and add chocolate to both the whipped cream AND the pastry cream go right ahead. I won’t tell anyone.

12 thoughts on “Making Chocolate Diplomat Cream”

    1. Hey John!

      Warren in New Zealand scolded me for my overly long absence. What choice did I have? 😉

      I’ve got a hundreds of questions to answer so expect to see mostly Q&A for a few days until I get my sea legs back. But thanks and more soon!

      – Joe

  1. Welcome Back Joe!
    We missed you TONS!
    Mia is my kinda baker! Chocolate Diplomat Cream! Yay! I will have to find something to bake now as an excuse to eat this delicious cream. 😀
    So glad you are back and I hope everything was a great success!


    1. Thanks Eva!

      Feels good. And yes, when Mrs. Pastry sees this she’s going to want some. I think of some-or-other application!

      – Joe

  2. I know you warned us be we worry! Welcome back.

    I saw thing on the Internet (so you know it must be true!) that the key to a New York bagel is cold proofing for 2 days in refrigerated case. Don’t know if thats really true but the slow proof would affect the taste. I am thinking of trying over this weekend it using the KA recipe you linked to years ago

    1. How did it work, Frankly? I expect the flavor was much improved, but I’m curious about your results.

      – Joe

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