Ta-Ta For Now!

Headed to Florida for a week or so then up to Wisconsin on business, so I’ll be gone the next ten days. I’ll do my best to answer questions in the comment fields when I’m not fishing for gulf trout. See you soon! – Joe

16 thoughts on “Ta-Ta For Now!”

    1. Very interesting. I’ve never seen one of these before, but if iDavid Liebovitz makes it, it’s gotta be good!


      – Joe

  1. Have a great vacation. FYI – I made your apple strudel yesterday, it came out great (if I may say so myself). It’s the first time I ever made strudel, it always seemed so intimidating, but that dough stretched out like a dream. And I really could read the newspaper through it. Thanks!

    1. Hey Chana!

      Thanks it was a great time. So glad to hear about the strudel! And isn’t it amazing how easy that dough is to stretch? The roll-laminated dough is even stretchier. The next time I make strudel I may well use that. All it takes is patience and slow hands…presto!

      Kudos to you for trying something intimidating. I’m so glad the tutorial helped!


      – Joe

    1. I don’t deny he’s been hell on the furniture. But then I’m a softie when it comes to strays. Let’s just hope I don’t come across another one when I fish the everglades this year. It’ll be a tough, tough decision.

      – Joe

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