Return from the Planet of the Apes

Back from Florida and what an interesting trip. Here I am fishing beside what looks like an old set from the late 60’s Planet of the Apes movies, put up on stilts in the Gulf of Mexico. Evidently this was a single family house that was once on land, but beach erosion did a job on the real estate. These days it’s abandoned save for the odd band of pot smoking teenagers that apparently hole up there, but the fish like it. Or more specifically the pylons beneath it. Good fishing, you just can’t let the fish run too much after you hook one.

Anyway, I’ve got an awful lot of comments to go through, so please be patient if you’ve been trying to correspond these last ten days or so, it might take me a while. But I’ll get some baking happening here before too long!

4 thoughts on “Return from the Planet of the Apes”

  1. Yes it is a little. What a weird idea for a house, also. I guess there were walkways between the pods at one time. However they were always about seven or eight feet off the ground I guess. Wild.

  2. What were you fishing for? The walleye are running up here, and people are getting ready to load up their smokers with sucker. Salmon are still a little slow.

    1. Ah, walleye…great to catch, great to eat. Wish I was there!

      Around the southwest Florida islands there’s a ton to catch. I generally go after snook, redfish and gulf trout (my favorite for eating). I generally end up catching a lot of jacks and sheep’s head in the process, which fight pretty hard too. The thing that’s fun about salt water fishing is you never really know what you’re going to pull up. On smaller bait you get everything from little sharks to flounder, sea robins, catfish, you name it.

      I think the natural beauty is really the best part though. I only caught one fish this trip, but saw all sorts of birds, porpoise and such. I saw mud clouds raised by manatees swimming away from the boat, and heard a panther walking around on one of the little islands. And of course the weather was basically perfect.

      Can I go back?

      – Joe

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