Getting Better…

I’m zeroing in on a more promising dough formula. I still have some technique issues (I think I need to lubricate the layers a bit more) but the trajectory is in the right direction. Patience, please!

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    1. It’s not often that I’m speechless; I always seem to have something to say about almost everything… but in yesterday’s message I was both breathless AND speechless. Now that I’m better composed: WOW!

      1. Ha! I was wondering what that blank message was about, Brian! I’ve improved on these. I can almost taste victory…

        – J

  1. My last sfogliatelle was at a cafe that must outsourced their cake and pastries and the sfogliatelle was rock hard. I’m drooling just looking at the picture! So how does it taste?

    1. Hey Izzy!

      Actually these were a little hard I have to say, now that you mention it, but today’s were flakier. I can see that you need to make sure you have a lot of layers and that your circle of dough isn’t too thick when you shape them. The next time may be the money!

      Wish me luck,

      – Joe

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome. The difference, just visually, is impressive. I can imagine the texture has markedly improved. I read the recipe and technique on
    It’s incredible to me that someone thought of rolling and laminating the dough like this. The inventiveness of people never ceases to amaze me.

    1. Hey Anna!

      Yes in fact it seems that this was the very first form of dough lamination. Inventive is right! As I get better at the technique I’m really starting to have fun with it — which I never thought I would!

      More soon!

      – Joe

  3. Looking good, Joe! Was hoping to try this on the weekend…what special equipment should I have?

    I agree with Brian, all that fat will be lubricating your glutes soon enough!

    1. That’s a for sure! I wish I was going to have a post ready for you. You really don’t need any special gear…that’s the beauty of these. Mostly just a sheet to cover your dining room table and a willingness to experiment!

      Best of luck and let me know how it goes!

      – Joe

    2. If you go down to the recipe I’ve put up my latest proportions and procedures for the dough. It’s leaner than most and has a slightly unusual mixing technique attached to it, but the upside is that it’s extremely elastic and stretch-able. Roll/pull it out to a sheet that’s at least 36″ x 36″, then cut the sheet into 6″ strips. Roll up the first strip in a tight roll (if someone can help you and pull the dough strip away from you as you roll, thus stretching the strip even thinner, so much the better).

      Roll the whole thing up into a log about 3″ high. Cut the log into slices a little more than 1/4″ thick, and, dipping your fingers in liquid butter or lard and lubricate the disk. Fan the layers out until the slices is cone-shaped. Fill the cone with filling and fold them over. Bake at 400 for about 25 minutes.

    1. Hey Susan!

      The latest ones are really tasting good. The layers are getting lighter so they’re very buttery and crispy/crunchy. They remind me of the pointy tips of a fresh-made croissant, if that makes any sense. Addictive with powdered sugar. Add in that slightly creamy filling and bitter edge of candied orange peel and wow…no wonder people practically form religions around these things. I hope to finish this project over the weekend!


      – Joe

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