Almost There…

I initially thought these were the ones, but it seems that a.) I didn’t put enough filling in them and b.) my filling needs to be thicker. Also I think I need still more layers (I’m pretty sure I can stretch the dough a little thinner). Where are Jo, Jo, and Joan when I need them? Daddy has a pastry emergency!

9 thoughts on “Almost There…”

  1. Could you make a poor mans (read: lazy) version of this just using phyllo dough and the filling? The sort the local grocer makes here in upstate New York seems rather like that, though the pastry is doubly or triply thick as phyllo/filo/whatever.

    1. When I first used to make these, I stretched the dough in a pasta machine. Later, I cheated with Phylo dough. It’s not the SAME, but the eating experience is similar: massive crackle, flakes, exquisite contrast to the filling.

      1. Very interesting Tereza! I considered that at first, but the dough is getting easier to handle the more I work on them. I’ll be curious to see what you think of my method!


        – Joe

    2. That would probably work, Randy, though the dough won’t have the same stretch. My hope is that by the time I’m done my process will be simple enough that you won’t need to go the pre-made route. Plus it’ll be a lot cheaper!


      – Joe

  2. Joe! I don’t check the site for a little while and then I come back to see these pastries, and I instantly need to learn how to make them. Very nice.

    1. I’ll do my best to show you a little later today, Sam. Provided I get get a couple last kinks worked out. But thanks and welcome back!

      – Jim

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