While we’re waiting…

…for me to make a torte…ehem…reader Ted asked if I’d put up a series on chemical leavers for the Baking Ingredients section. So far the entries on yeasts are the extent of the discussion. I’m happy to do that of course, though I’m wondering how far back in history to go. There were several precursors to modern-day baking powder, and even though we don’t use them anymore there are still some historical recipes out there that call for things like saleratus and pearlash. Maybe those need short entries as well if only to list their modern equivalents. As far as photographs go, I guess I’ll have to improvise…

4 thoughts on “While we’re waiting…”

  1. Cool! Thank you!

    Perhaps folks could offer suggestions for the chemical leavers they’d like to see addressed? (That ammonium stuff is one that I’m curious about, given how I imagine it must smell in use…)

    1. Happy to oblige, Ted!

      Baker’s ammonia is smelly stuff but in the right hands makes amazing cookies. I’ll see if I can find some to photograph!


      – Joe

    1. Yep. I get a lot of questions about that! I’ll do what I can to add to that, OOTT!


      – Joe

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