Shortage or Just Baking Season?

I can’t find a hazelnut to save my life, so I’m going with almonds for the meringue. Are hazelnuts in short supply does anyone know?

13 thoughts on “Shortage or Just Baking Season?”

  1. I did read an article a few months back saying that this year’s crop of hazelnuts in Turkey, the world’s main producer, was really poor. The article was in relation to Nutella somehow, saying the prices would go up, I think.

    1. Yup. I heard an NPR report of that some time ago too. Someone was talking about stocking up on Nutella as though that was the resolution of the situation.

      1. Thanks, Rainey! No wonder so many people have been asking me about homemade Nutella lately. It’s all starting to make sense…

        – Joe

  2. I don’t know if hazelnuts are in short supply, but I do know that has a great selection of nuts and very quick shipping.

    1. Ah, Walmart. Ya gotta love that place. It’s always the last place I look but I almost always find what I’m looking for!


      – Joe

  3. My go-to place for nuts is though I’ve been less happy recently with the quality of their cashews. I haven’t checked for hazelnuts since I have some in the freezer.

  4. Joe, no offense to Turkey but Oregon produces 98% of the country’s crop. We have no shortage. I can find them here without a problem and to be honest I have had no problem finding them at Trader Joe’s which I’m pretty sure don’t come from here but I could be wrong. We also have tons of broken shells we use outside to deter cats from plant beds and slugs from plants as well as keeping liverwort from taking up residence in a pot during the winter. HAHA

    1. Very interesting, Linda! You learn something new every day. I wonder if it’s a case where, like oil, it all goes onto the same global market so a shortage ends up impacting everyone. Oregon may produce enough to meet almost all our yearly demand, but if the Germans buy up half of it to make up for the Turkish shortage it doesn’t do us much good.

      Just the same I’ll check Trader Joe’s!


      – Joe

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