Next Up: Esterházy Torte

Reader Johan has an excellent idea here. This one has style, flavor AND history. Let’s do this thing!

10 thoughts on “Next Up: Esterházy Torte”

  1. Oh, that’s a scary one. That’s the one that put me off baking anything for years. I tried to make it when I was thirteen (first time I’d tried to bake anything), spending the night with a friend. The icing broke the electric blender. The cake didn’t rise, and was stuck in the pan. When we trying to get it out, it flung itself across the room, rolling violently into a wall, then came back at us before stopping at our feet. Not even a crumb came off on its journey. Nonetheless, we attempted to cut it with a knife. She probably still has that thing as a weapon. Perhaps I’ll try . . . got to think about this.

    Looking forward to your success; maybe that will give me courage.

    1. Whoa. I’m a little intimidated now I must confess. But then we all aim high when we first set out to bake as kids, don’t we? Gougères were my first project. I saw them on the cover of Gourmet magazine and tried to make them for my parents. They came out like little cheesy rubber balls. Still it’s a fun memory.

      Here’s to, er…success!

      – Joe

      1. I don’t doubt your ability, only mine. I did finally manage a chocolate pound cake, only screwing it up once. Unfortunately, that was when one brother was in the hospital after an accident, and I used gravy flour, as there was no other flour in the house. What did I know? The nurses thought he was a mean boy for not sharing his cake, even as he tried to get them to throw it away.

        1. Love that story. What is it with nurses and eating? I observed quite a lot of it during my lengthy hospital stay back in my cancer days. Must be a stress thing. But I would have loved to try that cake!


          – Joe

  2. Yay! One of my favourite Hungarian tortes, and one that I often make for gluten-free diners or “period” events. Can’t wait to see how you do yours!

    1. Nice list, Andrea! I’ll have fun looking at these and I’ll make some this year!


      – Joe

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