All things being equal, I’d rather be in Mexico.

Mrs. Pastry is living the good life down in Oaxaca this week, leaving me the sole ringmaster for the circus we have running here. It’s required my full attention the last few days, I haven’t even picked a new project yet. Any suggestions?

16 thoughts on “All things being equal, I’d rather be in Mexico.”

  1. Can I add ginger snaps to the list?

    Dawn in Wyoming, but originally from Pennsylvania

  2. I’ve noticed that you do not have a recipe for devil’s food cake. (Unless I just can’t find it.) Time to fix that, perhaps?

  3. I really want to see you tackle cemitas, Joe! It’s been a while since you did a yeast-raised bread or something savory.

  4. Hi Joe – I know you’ve already chosen your next project, but sometime in the future would you consider Sfogliatelle? I’ve had them in bakeries and they are always dry and disappointing, but the idea of them sounds fantastic. Maybe I’ve never had a really good one, but I’d love to know how they actually should be and you’re the one for that! Also, are they the same as Lobster Tails or not?

    1. Hey Linda! I’m sorry I’ve forgotten about this request. I’ll do them as soon as I can…though I confess the technique scares me a little. They’re easy to do with Italian flour, but much more challenging with our stretchy New World gluten. I’ll man up and do it though! 😉


      – Joe

  5. Lucky Mrs. Pastry. The circus will only last for a few more years till they fly the coop…or that’s what I have been told by older ring masters….

    1. Yah so true…they’re already growing up too quickly for me. At least most days. 😉


      – Joe

  6. Pfeffernusse cookies. Or as we used to call them as a kid, Flintstone cookies because we could never pronounce it.

  7. If you’re keeping a running list, this first-time commenter would LOVE to read your take on sfogliatelle….

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