Next up: Bienenstich

German “bee sting” cake is what this is, and I’ve been wanting, then forgetting, then wanting, then forgetting again to do this cake for years. Thankfully reader Bina got on may case about it a couple of weeks back. It’s high time I got this thing done!

13 thoughts on “Next up: Bienenstich”

      1. I know some folks who swear by instant vanilla pudding. (Empty contents of package into bowl, add milk, stir.)

        1. Yeah, I know. I don’t want to disparage it because we’re all time pressed, but I’ve got a better idea.

          – Joe

  1. Thanks a million, Joe. I’m really looking forward to this. I will be in London for a few weeks spending time with my eight and a half month old granddaughter but I have a fully equipped kitchen in my flat and will bake the Bienenstich for her nine month birthday. (She can’t eat wheat yet but the rest of us will enjoy it)

    1. Excellent, Bina!

      I’ll do my best to provide a recipe worthy of the effort! Cheers,

      – Joe

  2. I have never made one. My mom made them when I was a kid though and I don’t understand why I never did – they are fabulous. I am really looking forward to this Joe, Thanks.

    1. I hope it lives up to your expectations, Frankly! Got a little research and writing to do this morning.

      – Joe

  3. And there was much rejoicing in all of the house. So many cheers. I live with heathens who love all the yeasty things and love them more if there is cream and sweetness involved as well.

    Thank you Sir Pastry (and reader Bina).

    1. And happy were the people throughout the land. Tell the heathens the sweet stuff is on the way!

      – Joe

  4. My grandmother was German and I vaguely remember her baking this cake. I can’t wait to bake it in her honor.

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