Are things feeling a little cozy in here?

March is always hell on my numbers, I assume because of spring break (if not I’m seriously losing my edge). I generally check analytics around the first of the month, and this morning I laughed out loud when I saw the trend line since the 8th. Given how few of us there are here today, let’s relax the usual formality, push the tables and chairs to the side of the room and just sit cross-legged on the floor. I’ll pour a little hot chocolate around and we’ll talk bienenstich. Sound good?

32 thoughts on “Are things feeling a little cozy in here?”

  1. *sips my cocoa and looks at seed catalogs while I wait for your next post* Sounds good to me. ^^

  2. Sounds lovely, although I think the conversation is liable to get off to a slow start. “Bienenstich”?!?!

  3. Mmmmmm, hot chocolate 🙂

    I’m pretty excited about this bienenstich situation. From the small amount of reading I’ve done (all so that I’d know what you were going to be discussing!) it sounds like the type of dessert I’ll love.

    1. Looking forward to doing it myself, Kennedy! I hope it gives me no trouble. Because I hate that.

      Please weigh in should you have any questions!

      – Joe

    1. Whew, I hear you sister! Got mine out of the way but I’m still afraid of the 15th. Go figure.

      – Joe

    1. Who drinks hot chocolate without marshmallows? Anarchists, probably. I never EVER skimp on those things!

      – Joe

  4. I have never posted before but I do want to let you know that I absolutely love your writing (and even make some of the recipes).

    Thanks and keep it coming

    1. Moshe, your message is a delight. I’m very flattered. Thanks so much and please don’t hesitate to come back and comment again as I love to answer questions.

      Cheers and very nice to meet you!

      – Joe

  5. Happy to be here, and Bienenstich is one of my favorite cakes that I’m too scared to make!

    1. It’s really not that scary! At least I don’t think it is. But if I run into any trouble I definitely will tell you about it!

      Cheers and more from me soon!

      – Joe

  6. Here’s a question on this slower-than-normal Wednesday. I baked my first apple pie a few weeks ago and the edges of the bottom crust, right where it starts to go up the sides of the pan was a little soggy but the rest of the crust was fine. I had soaked the apples in a little lemon juice & sugar then let drain for 30 minutes while I got the crusts ready. What can I do to fix the bottom crust?

    1. Hey Jennifer!

      You can try par-baking the crust. That would help. Have you ever tried that?

      – Joe

      1. I haven’t, but next time I will. I also didn’t dock the crust first because the recipe didn’t say to. The top crust was so pretty I’ve had 3 requests for the same pie for later this year. I did Food Network mag’s Cinnamon Bun Apple Pie with a few tweaks.

        1. Hey Jennifer! Most pie crusts aren’t docked because the filling runs out the holes and glues the crust to the pan. I’d suggest trying a little pre-baking and see where that gets you. Let me know!

          – Joe

    2. I like to bake anything in a crust on the bottom rack in the oven. I only started this recently, but I’ve yet to have a burned crust and I’ve been loving how they get nicely browned.

      1. Hey Erin!

        Yes, it’s generally cooler down there. Breads especially work well on a lower rack. For things that need to blow up quickly (like choux or puff pastry) you definitely want to go to the middle. But it’s a sound strategy overall!


        – Joe

  7. I’m still here! Thinking about making Pan de Ramerino for a snack to consume while we dye eggs this weekend. I had never heard of it before, and it sounds more lively than hot cross buns. We’re a little early for Easter, but I’m ready for spring!

    Per my usual hippie style, I’ll probably replace a lot of the flour with white whole wheat…d’you suppose that would still turn out okay, if a little dense?

    1. Hey Delaney! You can add whole wheat flour, though I’d only use about 1/3, otherwise you will run into density problems.

      Let me know how they turn out!

      – joe

  8. Well, ya know, if your numbers are down a little there is no pressure on you to be a star. You can jut be the guru to a small band of dedicate disciples. Remembering that they sell a million Big Macs a day can make you realize volume is highly over rated. I’d rather attack Valhalla with 10 good men & true than a million Big Mac fed zombies.

    1. Ha! Thanks, Frankly.

      To your point, I’d be doing this if it was just you and me. I’m not in it for the numbers!

      – Joe

    1. Ha! THERE’S a great idea for audience building — controversy! Catherine you are a marketing genius.

      – Joe

  9. I’m not sure if you get the numbers from people reading on feed readers (myself included) so you may have more people lurking around than you think! Hope you made extra hot chocolate!

    1. Good point, Clair!

      I’m sure those don’t show up on Google analytics. I have no idea how determine the numbers there. But then as I said to Frankly, I’d keep it up if I were down to one reader. 😉

      Cheers and thanks,

      – Joe

  10. Can we play duck-duck-goose while it rains outside?

    I find sometimes with blogging that the analytics can get you down, especially if you equate them with the value of what you do, or even worse, the value of, well, you. I realized recently how much of an approval junkie I am…and that isn’t easy to hear. Check this out…

    And BTW, I look forward to the brief moments I get to read your blog and feel like it is a fun conversation to listen in to. Many of the thoughts in the comments add to my enjoyment. So hooray to this website, this small room of people, and boozy hot chocolate! Oh wait. Hot Chocolate!

    1. Whew! No need approval…good to know! Thanks, Derek. Now buzz off! 😉

      Just a little joke. But yeah, I really don’t check analytics very often for that reason. Early on in this adventure I realize that numbers have very little to do what what I do. Some weeks when I did a ton of blogging they were down, some weeks when I did nothing they were up. There was no rhyme or reason to it so I just stopped checking.

      And I’m very glad indeed that you find the site fun right down to the “Leave a Reply” prompt. Please keep coming back when you can!


      – Joe

  11. A wise man knows true friends come in small numbers. So does any fine pastry appreciator, come to think of it. Macarons and cupcakes are for the crowds 🙂

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