Making Strawberries Romanoff

This version is made in the Russian style with sour cream added to the sweetened whipped cream. This is a half batch of two cups. I picked the smaller berries because I like the presentation of the uncut berries, and the smaller they are, the better the better the flavor balance with the topping.

Begin by assembling your ingredients. Add the orange juice to the berries…

Sprinkle on the Grand Marnier which as I mentioned previously is a clever match to the curaçao that Carême would have used.

Give that a stir and let it macerate in the fridge for on hour. You can chill them for up to three hours before they start getting a little too soft.

When ready to serve, whip the chilled cream to just shy of soft peaks, then added the sugar and vanilla. Here I whipped a bit more to the soft peak stage…

…before I added the sour cream (I stirred it a little to break up the gel and get it ready for folding).

I then added the sour cream to the whipped cream mixture, folding it in with three or four stokes of a broad spatula. Could I have whipped it in? Yes I could have, however I prefer folding a few times instead of thoroughly incorporating the sour cream because the former technique creates stripes of sour cream spread through the topping…and delicious variability spoonful to spoonful.

Had Czar Alexander I eaten this every day he would never have gotten so depressed, I’m sure of it.

19 thoughts on “Making Strawberries Romanoff”

    1. Yesh Joe. It’s just fancy version of strawberries and cream, plus a couple of weeks late! Wimbledon has just finished for another year 😀

      1. Don’t make me call you out as well, Izzy. The dueling pistols I have shoot rubber bands that really smart. Unless you want to go home cryin’ with a severe case of pink belly, I’d watch my words.

        – Joe

  1. According to the rules of honor the person slapped would have the right to choose place and weapons. They would do this via a ‘second’ who would interface with the slappers second since the principals would not speak to each other after the challenge.

    As for the strawberries, I have never used sour cream but have done mascarpone, I think it adds a richness that simple whipped cream does not deliver.

    1. Silly me. It’s been so long since I killed a man in a gentlemanly fashion I scarcely know how to do it anymore!

      Thanks for the refresher, Frankly!

      – Joe

      1. If you want a second I’d gladly stand for you. If I may I’d also suggest the format – balloons and blunderbusses. There was a similar encounter between a German and a Frenchman in the 1700s. The ascended to an agreed upon altitude & distance then fired blunderbuss rounds at each other.

        1. That’s probably a safer way to duel than any I can think of. Imagine trying to hit anything with a blunderbuss while standing in a balloon basket! Could I use my British .303 instead?

          But I appreciate the offer, Frankly. I may take you up on that one day. The comments get pretty hairy around here from time to time, especially when I talk about using cheap chocolate.


          – Joe

    1. There’s going to be strawberry all over the place — and that stuff stains!

      – J

  2. You all can fight to the death. I will hold the Strawberries Romanoff… you know… for safe keeping. Oh… and can you hand me the spoon too. 😀


    1. Good plan! You do that while I give them the business end of my icing spatula.

      Who’s first??

      – Joe

  3. Gorgeous – Strawberries Romanoff looks delicious – as I sit down here in the middle of winter with 90km/hour winds and rain – by any name strawberries and cream would be devine 🙂 I’m going to try adding sour cream to my whipped cream next time I make it – thanks for the tip .

  4. I like to imagine the surprise of someone chatting at the table, glancing at the dish of unassuming strawberries and cream they’ve just been served, when they get around to tasting the first mouthful.

  5. Those insane and brilliant guys at Chef Steps just recently suggested pulverizing freeze dried strawberries and adding them to the macerating strawberries for a more intense berry flavor.

    1. Neat idea! Does it detract from the presentation at all do you think? That would be my only concern with that technique. Perfectly fresh, glistening strawberries are so pleasing to the eye…

      – Joe

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