Next Up: Sticky Toffee Pudding

I do love a good British pudding, and if I can serve it with two sauces, so much the better. Like strawberries Romanoff this is a classic that rarely sees the light of day nowadays. It’s time to turn things around.

11 thoughts on “Next Up: Sticky Toffee Pudding”

  1. I’ve noticed a bit of an upsurge in sticky toffee pudding availability here in Toronto, notably in hipster-y food emporia.

  2. I keep planning on making this one but never seem to get around to it. Partly in the beginning because I never seemed to have dates but I don’t have that excuse now. I look forward to seeing your spin on it. It looks and sounds great and a bit old-fashioned but what’s wrong with that??

    1. Nothing wrong with old-fashioned…those projects invariably lead to history! 😉

      I hope you’ll approve of whatever it is I end up doing! Cheers,

      – Joe

  3. it’s been a while since you’ve done something a little more complicated/ambitious.

    pierre herme’s perennially best-selling crunch-creamy tartes have been popular in the international pastry blogosphere for several years now. you have to spread the work out over two days, but the results are worth it.

    1. That thought occurred to me this morning actually. Mostly I’ve been doing requests. This is going to be a quickie since I’ll be off on summer vacation next week. But when I come back I’ll have a look at this — promise!

      Thanks, Ascanius!

      – Joe

  4. … and then what, spotted dick? If I’m not mistaken you ahve already tackled rolly-polly. There are so many other classic British desserts that also deserve more attention and respect. Dotted Richard is my vote for they next foodie trend!

    1. I’ll get to them all eventually…I don’t plan to stop blogging anytime soon. The British pudding tradition is long and rich, no pun intended.

      People always talk about how uninspiring traditional British cooking is. Have these people ever tried toad in the hole? If they had I think they’d change their tune. Speaking of which, I need to find an excuse to make that on the blog as well.


      – Joe

      1. The only thing more misunderstood than British cookery is British humour. To me, both are quite delightful indeed!

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