Back on the Road

For a couple of days, anyway. It’s just as well, those were all the thickeners I could find in the shops around town. More from me next week! – Joe

4 thoughts on “Back on the Road”

  1. Excellent series, Joe! I now have a much better understanding of why some thickeners work easily and why others get ornery. But who knew there were so many choices!?!

    1. Hey Nancy! Thanks very much! There are many more still, especially when you get into the more industrial hydrocolloids, but I can only test the patience of my readership for so long!

      Cheers and feel free to ask me anything about any of these posts — I’ll do my best to answer!

      – Joe

  2. This series left me wondering about the possibility of making at home something similar to the transparent colored decorating gels available in small tubes at U.S. grocery stores. Thickener + food color? Thickener + sugar + food color?

    1. Very interesting idea, LML! I’ll be you could come close to something like that in your own kitchen — now that you know more about gelling agents! I’d be curious to see the ingredient labels myself. Might be fun to try!

      Thanks for a cool idea!

      – Joe

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