Back in the Pack

I’m early for a meeting in Madison, Wisconsin where I’ve landed in a coffee shop called Electric Earth. The hipsters who run this place couldn’t be less excited to see me, but it’s a great spot to take a quick breather and remark on how good it was to drive the Chicago-area highways early this morning. Living in Louisville now I miss the feel of that early commute. It’s like being part of a pack of hungry cheetahs, all hovering within inches of each other as we race to cut off the wildebeest migration at Grumeti River. Faster. We must arrive by dawn if we want our pick of the young and tender!

The ol’ stomping grounds look good today. I’m looking forward to stopping at the Vienna Beef factory later and picking up a summer’s supply of the world’s greatest hot dogs. More from me soon!

14 thoughts on “Back in the Pack”

    1. Hey Tereza!

      It’s fun to think of doing something like that one day. Right now I doubt I could draw more than four or five people — and even that would require an offer of free beer.

      But Madison is a great place. I enjoy my periodic visits there. I especially like it on football weekends in the fall!

      Cheers and thanks for the delightful thought!

      – Joe

      1. I live in Madison too and I’ve been using your recipes for years. I made each one of your buttercreams before picking a favorite. At least two people would come to see you!
        You should really stop by the 4&20 bakery and cafe before you leave, it’s the best kept secret in Madison.
        Thanks for the buttercream!

        1. Thanks, Sophia!

          I’m back home now but I’ll be back there in July sometime. I shall stop at that bakery for sure. Anything in particular I shouldn’t miss?

          – Joe

    1. Ooh nice idea! I might see if I can score one of those before I blow town!

      Nice one, sdp!

      – Joe

    1. I’ve heard about that place. Baltimore, right? I’ve never been but Chicago is encased meat central. There are some mighty serious dogs here. I’d put them up against anybody’s!

      – Joe

  1. here is where we ate. Could have been spicier but good food:
    La Taguara. Venezuelan and Latin American


    1. Don;t know that spot but would love to try it. Mrs. Pastry wold be especially interested. Have a great trip!

      – Joe

  2. “The hipsters who run this place couldn’t be less excited to see me” – ha!

    1. Ugh. Someone over thirty…

      I know I’m no spring chicken…but my money’s good!


      – Joe

      1. You should have said, “I run an international media/cooking empire called Joe Pastry, or for you hipsters (in best French accent) Joe Pastreeey.”

        Ah Joe, you do have a way with words and thoughts. I hope some day you get enough time to publish at least one book.

        1. Zhoe Pah-stree. 😉

          Nice idea, though I doubt these dudes would have been impressed by anything short of Seth Rogen walking through the door. Cool guys are never impressed, never surprised by anything. But I promise to try it next time. I’ll give you a full report…and may even try to capture their yawns on my smartphone!

          Thanks for the kind words and encouragement!


          – Joe

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