Sharpen Your Knives, Change Your Spices

The holiday baking season is upon us, friends. It’s time to lock and load!

13 thoughts on “Sharpen Your Knives, Change Your Spices”

  1. I’m not sure about holiday but I’m obsessed with baking at the moment. I’m not sure if it was the week’s vacation with no baking or a slight cold from that and no baking or just the plethora of great recipes and the great fall weather…just can’t find enough people to eat it. 🙂

    I’m not sure if I’m ready for the holidays but then it always feels like a runaway train from Halloween to New Year’s Day…why should this year be different???

    1. Indeed it is. And as far as giving it away…I’ll bet you can find some eager neighbors. I never have much trouble! 😉

      – Joe

    1. Daw yeah, home girl. You’re right about that! The only truly great fruitcake is a well-aged one!

      Thanks for the reminder!

      – Joe

  2. You are so funny. Lock and load… bwahhahahaha.
    I was just thinking about this the other day. I made an apple pie and I could barely taste the cinnamon I used in it.

    1. Yeah I get that cinnamon-sawdust problem myself. Yuck. Now is the time to head to the nearest spice shop or grocery and stock up — and there’s no shame in buying cheap! Cheap nutmeg with flavor is worlds better than pricey nutmeg gone limp! 😉


      – joe

  3. I only found this site last week. I have a feeling that my holiday baking is going to get WAY more sophisticated this year!!

    1. Welcome! And let me know if I can help! 😉

      Nice to have you onboard, Ann!

      – Joe

  4. I recently discovered that stick cinnamon, broken down with pliers then tossed in a blade grinder, is just heavenly; redolent with that lovely spicy cinnamon oil. Only do this with a grinder retired from coffee, though, you’ll never get the smell out.

  5. With all the different related species of cinnamon sold commercially, with their own alleged distinctive flavors and aromas, I smell another potential discussion on the relative merits of various varieties like we had on vanilla.

    I’ve heard people swear by Vietnamese cinnamon, and that’s what in my cupboard (Kirkland brand, from Costco), but I wonder how much difference the average person can really detect.

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