Next Up: Caramel & Candy Apples

A heavy workload and an upcoming block party are combining to make fancy pastry an impossibility this week. Still the kids need something sweet this weekend, don’t they? Caramel and candy apples seem like just the ticket. Let’s do it!

6 thoughts on “Next Up: Caramel & Candy Apples”

  1. I remember doing this as a kid with the Kraft caramels that were individually wrapped. I spent a ridiculous amount of time unwrapping them, worked around a mountain of crumpled cellophane and always got a wide pan of molten caramel that coated about 2″ of the bottom of the apples.

    I was not what you’d call a prodigy back then.

    I have a theory you’ve got a much better approach. ; >

  2. Any chance you could do an “adult” variety? Caramel and liquor pair so well, but I’m not sure how you could get the firm set needed–I bet you know, though!

  3. If it is marginally relevant will you discuss substitution of invert sugar for corn syrup in this recipe? I have no philosophical objections to corn syrup, but it is not available in this thin country.

  4. I second the call for a discussion on substituting invert sugar for corn syrup. I found myself out of corn syrup this weekend, and boiled up a batch of homemade invert sugar. It worked quite well in my sugar cookie icing recipe, with a little bit of extra grainy-ness. Can I always use the homemade invert sugar (sugar, water, tiny bit of cream of tartar cooked to 236 F) in place of corn syrup?

    On a side note, my goodness but my homemade invert sugar was much thicker than I expected. And yes, I did say my goodness (no, I’m not over 50 years old).

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