Pokey Was Smokin’

Pokey LaFarge was in town on Saturday night, one of the acts I mentioned in a recent post on acoustic music. The rhythms these bad boys (and girl) laid down were hot, hot, HOT. See them if you can! Readers in Europe and the British Isles: Pokey is headed your way. Check here for tour dates.

4 thoughts on “Pokey Was Smokin’”

  1. Thanks, and what a coincidence!
    If you didn’t mentioned them here I wouldn’t have gone to their show next Wednesday here in town, because I’m generally not really into the blues/jazz stuff. Now hope for nice weather…. they play a free show outside on performance festival Noorderzon in Groningen, the Netherlands!

    1. You’ll have fun if you go, Ena! I’ll cross my fingers for good weather! 😉

      – Joe

  2. O how weird- I just saw them this summer in Virginia at the Red Wings Roots Festival. They were great!
    I love your site by the way- I’m a chemist who likes to bake and cook so your food science posts are great.

    1. Yes I wish I could see them again this summer. I thought they were wonderful. Thanks for the very kind comment…please keep coming back!


      – Joe

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