Let’s Talk Flour

What is an extraction rate? And how does that impact the “whiteness” of a flour? That’s what reader Leslie is curious about today. Leslie, it’s a good question. Indeed I’ve received quite a few technical questions about flour since Friday’s post on white bread. My thinking is that I’ll answer that questions but also put together a few posts on flour and make a “flour primer” out of them for the ingredients section, since I don’t really have one of those yet. So then…let’s go!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Flour”

  1. Hello Joe,

    Please kindly put all this article and others under the Ingredient section of Flour. I really like the trend.



  2. I hope we’ll get to 00 flour and whatever the Italian flour that’s best for pasta is. I am always terribly confused about what to use for pasta. I’ve tried durum and semolina but I think they must have been milled too coarsely to result in a nice smooth pasta. …or there’s always the fact that I never had a sweet nana to teach me pasta.

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