Moonlight Macaroon

Here’s another simple delight that will knock your stay-dry socks off. All you need are some cubes of bread, a can of sweetened condensed milk and some unsweetened coconut flakes. Stick the bread cube on a fork and wet the sides and top with the sweetened condensed milk. Don’t submerge the whole thing as that will create too thick a coating that will drip off later. If dipping yields too much condensed milk, just use a butter knife to spread some on.

Re-dip all the surfaces in the coconut…

…and roast like you would a marshmallow.

You’ll eat these until you run out of bread.

24 thoughts on “Moonlight Macaroon”

  1. Joe, these are genius! Not enough to make me go camping, but I will be eating them soon

    1. You certainly can do that as well. I confess they’re a little sweet for me that way, but I’m sure they’d still be really good.

      Thanks Ted!

      – Joe

  2. how do I get rid of the very annoying add on your home page so that I can actually see your site?

    1. I’m trying to get rid of that thing, Monique. In the meantime just try refreshing the blog. I’m trying to get my advertisers to cooperate!


      – Joe

  3. These look so good that even the forecast of rain will not prevent me from making a fire to make these. Thanks!

  4. Joe, if you’ll indulge me…. reference to the term ‘sweetened condensed milk’. I’ve always wondered if there is unsweetened condensed milk? For me, condensed milk and sweet go hand in hand. one doesn’t exit without the other 🙂

    1. I suppose you’re right to an extent, melody. Unsweetened condensed milk also comes in cans but it’s called “evaporated” milk in that instance. If you see the term “condensed” then you can be sure the product is sweet!


      – Joe

  5. Oh this I have to try. May be great to try different breads (7 grain, pumpernicle, rye, wholewheat) and milk (10% cream, buttermilk, coconut milk) Thanks so much for the great idea 🙂

    1. Give it a whirl and let me know what your perfect formula is, Richard!

      Have fun!

      – Joe

  6. SOO cool grill ideas Joe. It is almost chilly here today so it’s firepit time tonight and I am going to make these. I was wondering what to do with some long-forgotten coconut in the pantry.

    1. Hey sis!

      Try the bananas foster as well…I know how you love bananas! 😉

      – Joe

  7. I know you’re on vacation so I’ll just wait for an answer when you get around to it. What’s more, I think any Brownie Girl Scout could do this so I shouldn’t even need help with the finer points. …but I do. =o

    When we tried to do this it was incredibly messy to coat the bread with the condensed milk. Furthermore, it dripped off taking the coconut with it when we held it over the fire. No one managed to get more than the faintest trace of toasting. Even so, they were incendiary hot (I managed to raise blisters on my lips).

    Still, they were tasty and seem like they could be a lot of fun if we got it right. So if you could give me a hint about what we’re doing wrong…

    PS Hope the trip was great fun and highly recuperative!

    1. PS We used brioche. I airdried the surfaces by putting them in the oven at a low temp on the convection setting. Could going for a dry bread surface and wet coatings be the prob?

      1. It’s possible. You don’t want to soak up too terribly much of the condensed milk, just enough to stick the coconut on.

        – Joe

    2. Hey Rainey!

      Sorry to hear about the trouble. I didn’t do anything special in the post save to only lightly moisten the sides of the bread cube with condensed milk, not dip the whole thing. I did get a little drip-off but not terribly much. Maybe spreading it on with a butter knife would work better. Does that help?

      – Joe

      1. I hope it will! We’ll try this again the next time we BBQ.

        Meanwhile, for now, since all of the bread is toasted and the combo of flavors was great, I’m going to add an egg or two and thin out the condensed milk and whip it all up into a bread pudding. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow…

        So why aren’t you vacationing in radio silence? Shut down the #$^% computer and get about R&Rin’! ;>

        1. I finally did, Rainey. Whew! Sometimes it takes a while to fully separate yourself from the digital umbilical.

          But I needed that!

          – Joe

  8. Every time I try to share one of these on Facebook, only half of it shows here, the half with the button I need to click to do so; is hidden under this portion where are the informative bits are =/ I love your site though. <3

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