Umami in a Tube?

Yep, you can buy it now. What’s inside these shiny, hip-looking tubes? A cynic might say it’s plain ol’ tomato paste with a little puréed anchovy, porcini mushroom and parmesan mixed in, all sold for many times the price. Of course that’s not me. Find out more about packaged umami here, but ignore the snarky comment about Americans and how we’d only appreciate it if it tasted like pizza or potato chips. Indeed! I wouldn’t touch the stuff unless it tasted like either Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supremes or deep fried JELL-O in a cup. So there!

5 thoughts on “Umami in a Tube?”

  1. …so if I make an extra whored-up puttanesca sauce and concentrate it I can call it unami? Noted. Don’t blame me for my language, blame the puttanesca…

  2. I bought this for a friend for Xmas – one who I knew would totally appreciate it. He thought it was fab. Everyone else thought it was stupid. Mind you, I got it at the pop-up holiday food shop at the fanciest department store in Toronto and it was 6.99. Hardly breaking the bank.

    1. I can’t say it wouldn’t be an intriguing thing to get! Did you get to taste any?

      – Joe

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