Speaking of your brain…

Did you know that there is no single “taste center” in it? Considering all the various pieces of sensory hardware that are used for tasting, it’s really no surprise. MRI’s administered to test subjects made to slurp different-tasting syrups through tubes have shown that flavor sensations are processed in at least four different parts of the brain, parts that are distributed in both hemispheres. This is almost certainly why people who sustain various kinds of brain injuries often report different effects – many of them strange and contradictory – on their taste buds. It’s probably also why, since tastes are perceived by the brain as a kind of global “impression” versus a specific sort of data, tastes can be so hard to put into words.

6 thoughts on “Speaking of your brain…”

    1. I said YOUR brain, Chris. YOUR brain. However if the thought of that makes you hungry (sicko), the truth is I had Murcian meat pies on my short list of things to do. Maybe I should do those before the double chocolate bombe I was planning.

      1. sorry, did you say double chocolate bombe? definitely do that 😉 I’m a serious chocoholic – check my link for my latest project pandering to my addiction!

        Did I ever tell you the first recipe I ever read on your blog was the chocolate mousse using the pâte à bombe? It is the most amazing mousse I’ve ever experienced – I say experienced because that isn’t just a taste, the whole thing is a chocolate experience…

        just awesome.


        1. Didn’t know that, Chris. It was Camille, and American in Paris, who gave me the idea for that. It’s since become the only chocolate mousse I ever eat. Thanks!

          – Joe

  1. Thanks for shedding light on what has always been a big mystery to me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to TASTE a taste, but not be able to NAME it. (Then, when someone DOES name it, my reaction is always, “Of course!”) These darn brain structures; they sure boss us around,don’t they?

    1. Indeed. I keep trying to get mine to stop enjoying reruns of Flipper so much, but it just won’t, the darn thing. I tell you, it just gets embarrassing.

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