OK, back to square one…

Two attempts and I can’t get a decent batter consistency. It ends up as a dough with the very absorbent, granular manioc flour…and a dough simply won’t puff up like it should. So I’m going to do what my trusted source made me swear I wouldn’t do: use tapioca flour. I can see no other way forward. Sorry, (DELETED)! The good new is that if I get it to work more of you will be able to try it, since tapioca flour is a more common ingredient.

2 thoughts on “OK, back to square one…”

  1. After the last post about the many sub-Saharan African women getting konzo, aka low-level cyanide poisoning, while processing the cassava, it was just meant to be that you use something less… shall we say “cyanide-y”. 😉


    1. I confess I’m tempted to use plain old’ flour at this point…


      – Joe

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