I Got Wood

Forgive the lack of posts today. I was driving through a local park this morning and noticed a large pile of branches with a “Take Me” sign next to it. Clearly the park crews had been cutting back dead limbs and were giving away the trimmings. It was a nice mix of small diameter hard wood, most of it very dry. Perfect brick oven fuel, in other words. Since I’m one of the few Kentuckians without a pickup truck, I’ve been making lots of trips back and forth between the park and my garage. But hey, free wood is free wood.

2 thoughts on “I Got Wood”

  1. Forget the pickup truck- does that mean you have a wood-fired brick oven???? Nice to think of you cooking in one!

    1. I do have one of those very things! I don’t post about it all that much for the simple reason that most people don’t have them (and I hate it when food bloggers post stuff that the typical home cook can’t make). I’ll be tempted to use it for next week’s project, which has yet to be named but classically requires very high heat. I’m really spit on that.

      Anyway, post on the B&T FP coming tomorrow.

      – Joe

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