Next Up: Panforte

Here’s something a little different, a bread (“pan”) that’s actually more like a confection. It comes originally from the city Siena in Tuscany. There are probably as many ways to make it as there are people in Siena. I like Gina De Palma’s version, so we’ll go with that. Apologies to reader Linda to whom I promised a pound cake this week. I promise I’ll do one next!

4 thoughts on “Next Up: Panforte”

  1. The nicest Panforte I have ever had was in San Gimignano, not too far from Siena, I still remember sitting in the sun with a coffee enjoying a slice, ok more than one slice if truth be told! I look forward to your recipe as I love panforte but I have never been all that happy with my attempts.

    1. I remember reading some time ago that traditional panforte has candied pumpkin in it.

    2. I’ll do my best, Bev. We’ll see. I generally leave it to Gina De Palma to give me something very interesting and tasty.

      – Joe

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