Next Up: World Famous Kentucky Horse Race Whose Name Rhymes with “Herbie” Pie

I’ve been ranging rather far of field lately, so I thought I’d try something that’s literally close to home. No, I know, the spring horse racing season is about six weeks in the rearview mirror. Even so I get no end of requests for it. Add to that the fact that I only recently came upon an archival recipe. I’ll be going out on something of a legal limb here, since this famous pie is copyrighted by a Kentucky baking concern. I’ll do the best I can!

6 thoughts on “Next Up: World Famous Kentucky Horse Race Whose Name Rhymes with “Herbie” Pie”

    1. Don’t Americans always say “derby”? But maybe it’s one of those things like “route”, which we say as “root”, and they say as “rout” – except when it has “66” after it, when it becomes “root”. I wonder why that is.

      1. It probably should be “darby” but no, we say “derby.” Maybe there’s another pronunciation in New Zealandish. Is there?

        – Joe

        1. We say darby. At least we USED to say darby. American pronunciation is becoming widespread, so Demolition Derby (what we call a car race thingy on a small track where the aim is more to wreck the opponents’ cars than to go fast) is usually pronounced derby.

  1. Actually, it’s not copyrighted, as recipes (a list of ingredients and their instructions in the most basic form) are not copyrightable. However, the name of the pie is trademarked.

    1. Yes, my mistake. You’re very right about how copyright works. It is indeed a trademark (which is a lot easier to enforce, actually).

      Thanks Amy!

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