The “Blitz” or “One Step” Method

This technically isn’t even a method. Rather it’s the opposite of a method. But I made reference to it in the gâteau battu series I did (which seemed to go on for months). The “blitz” method is simply shorthand for putting everything in the mixer bowl at once and turning on the machine. See what I mean about it being a “non-method”? There’s no methodology to it at all!

However you see this sort of thing quite a bit in the bread kitchen, notably with enriched breads like challah and (sometimes) brioche or a “cake” like gâteau battu. Because time is of the essence in bread bakeries (lots and lots of mixing to do each evening, donchaknow), extra ingredients like fats, sugar and flavorings are occasionally just dumped into the bowl with all the other dough components. Mix, transfer to rising container. Next!

6 thoughts on “The “Blitz” or “One Step” Method”

  1. Dear Joe, This is absolutely off the subject but have you ever made Linzer cookies? I have been reading recipes…pushing hardboiled eggs through a sieve, toasting nuts to remove shells and rub off skins…there has got to be an easier way! I have to make mega-dozens asap!

    On another unrelated note, I was inspired by Tony at Pluto’s Pizza to resurrect my deep dish pizza pan. I have my own version of the “Cheese Maunsta” pizza in the oven now. It has really been a while.

    1. You know I haven’t. I’ve gotten lots of requests for them, though. Maybe after the holidays I can take those on (and maybe figure out an easier way!). Let me know how the mawn-sta turned out!

      – Yer brudder

    1. Very interesting. These are very clearly something I’m going to need to do…soon!

      – Joe

  2. “Blitz” was the term used to describe a form of puff dough when I was training and what you are calling blitz was refered to as the “one step” mixing method.

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