The Bardot Connection

Tarte Tropézienne is commonly linked to Brigitte Bardot. This is because St.-Tropez itself is commonly linked to Brigitte Bardot. She is credited with putting the place on the map, as it were.

Did she? In a way, yes. St.-Tropez was already a well-known as a tourist destination when Bardot showed up in 1956 to film the not-too-pretentiously-titled And God Created Woman. It was Bardot’s first “serious” acting role, and while the film is considered something of a dud these days, it caused an international sensation in 1957. The rich, the famous and the wanna-be rich and famous have flocked to St.-Tropez ever since.

Since Bardot and Tarte Tropézienne are the two most famous exports of St.-Tropez, it isn’t surprising that a good deal of folklore has sprung up attempting to tie the two together. There are several made-up stories about Bardot happening into Alexandre Micka’s bake shop. Others place Micka at the set of And God Created Woman as a caterer. Regardless, the stories all end the same way: with Bardot loving the tart and suggesting he call it “Tarte Tropézienne.”

I think it’s all bunk. But let’s assume it’s true. Alexandre Micka is standing in his bakeshop in downtown St.-Tropez and Brigitte Bardot comes to him with her brainstorm: that he name his cream bun “Tarte Tropézienne.” I don’t know about you, but if I were him I’d have had a hard time not staring blankly back at her for a moment before I said “Gee, Brigitte, thanks. I’d have never thought of that on my own.”

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