4 thoughts on “Tastes like chicken.”

  1. We’ve had a horrible issue with cicadas this year! I’ve had friends who have eaten them, but I haven’t been daring enough. Cicada ice cream takes it to a whole other level. It has been super interesting to see what people have come up with though. Found any other odd cicada recipes?
    ~Nancy Lewis~

    1. Not so far! The 17-year cicadas happened about six years ago here in Louisville. Some neighborhoods (like ours) were hit pretty hard. However as far as I know nobody took to eating them…at least not in any serious way. But there may be some decent cicada recipes out there…who knows? Anyone?

    1. Fabulous! You know, Mrs. Pastry reminded me that there were some cicada pasta recipes being handed around here in Louisville a few years ago. I’d completely forgotten about that!

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