Reader Makes British Bake Off Finals!

Reader Mary-Anne Boerman amazed and deeply flattered me with this email:

I love your website…your clear instructions, tips and hints have allowed me to attempt things I would never have dreamed of trying beforehand. Earlier this year I entered a TV Baking competition over here in the UK, and was lucky enough to get selected from the many thousands that applied. It’s currently being broadcast on British television…the semi-final is tomorrow night, and I’m still in there! I don’t think I would have got as far as I did if it weren’t for your website.

Well she did it, and has now advanced to the finals of The Great British Bake Off along with two other contestants. Mary-Anne, there is no question that all credit goes to you! You’ve done an amazing job and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Everyone who wants to watch the climactic final episodes can view them on this site (never mind some of the salacious popup ads).

12 thoughts on “Reader Makes British Bake Off Finals!”

  1. Congratulations Mary-Anne! So cool… has become one of my favorite “must visit” websites too. Just starting out on the baking front and thanks to Joe I have learned a wealth of knowledge already. I am rooting for Mary-Anne!

  2. nah, you suck :p

    j/k, you know I think you’re awesome 😉

    Go MaryAnne, we’re rooting for you from all the way DownUnder!

  3. MaryAnne is my favourite candidate in the competition and I am rooting for her to win. Her baking disposition is quite similar to yours (Joe) practical, methodical yet not shying away from experimenting.

  4. Hello Joe,

    Almost every time I watched the great british bake off, I felt a bit psychic oddly enough. As Mary-Anne would talk about her recipes or techniques I couldn’t help think about your website. Praise of the highest level indeed.

    PS I had some awful shop bought eclairs today, I think I might have a go at making some. Something I wouldn’t have attempted if it wasn’t for your tutorial.

    1. That’s both spooky and flattering, Zakki! I can hardly wait to see what happens next. But I also want to see those éclairs! Send me a pikkie, won’t you?

      – Joe

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