Peeling and Coring Apples

It struck me that a little tutorial on apple prep might be warranted this week. While you don’t need to get super-fussy with apple peeling and coring, a little extra care makes a big difference in apple presentation in everything from tarts and cakes to turnovers and pies. The big thing is to always use a vegetable peeler, and then peel the apple in a spiral, like so:

It’s exceptionally easy and just as fast as a knife. Speaking of which, use one to gently slice out the flower end…

…and using a melon baller, extract the seeds:

There, not perfect but you can see that this sort of method retains a lot more of the apple flesh than the big “v” cut you’d normally make with a knife.

The top looks better.

Left whole or sliced, an apple that looks like this says “apple” more clearly than one that’s been whittled down by conventional means.

4 thoughts on “Peeling and Coring Apples”

    1. I love those things! My parents have one and they’re as fun as they are effective. Thanks Warren!

    2. I have one of those as well, the best thing since sliced… well, apples for when you have kgs of them for the dehydrator.

      plus, the kids absolutely adore eating a “spiral apple” 😀

      1. I wish they were a little less expensive, but I may need to go get one this year.

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