Next Up: Cardinal Slices

Cardinal slices are commonplace in Vienna, but not so much in the US (or anywhere else as far as I know). They’re rather fussy as pastries go: three layers of an alternating meringue & ladyfinger “pastry” filled with espresso cream. I confess I’m a little intimidated…but since when have I ever let fear get between me and something sweet? It’s on!

4 thoughts on “Next Up: Cardinal Slices”

  1. I beg your pardon… espressocream! What kind of Kardinal-Schnitte is that? I’ve never seen a cardinal wearing a brownish frock. It’s raspberry-jam (=>dark red), it’s an airy light cake, it’s meringue, all layered in a very specific way and all baked together in one go.

    This one’s not easy at all and it takes a very skilled pastry-chef. I only know two or three people who are able to put this together in a non-professional environment and I am definetly not one of them. I buy them in a good confectionery.

    You are one daredevil, Joe Pastry!

    1. Yes I was confused about that as well…the colors. The formula I have has nothing red in it at all, which makes the name rather confusing. I may need your help with this one, Tom.

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