Brief Hiatus

Hey gang, I’m going to have to take a break for a few days, possibly a week or so. My attention is needed elsewhere (a friend in need, you might say). I’ll put up a post here or there when I can. Anyone with any input on Cardinal slices, please weigh in. I’m not finding much of anything about them or their history. Even the brief description I put up yesterday has been called into question by Viennese authorities. Looks like I need some help! More soon. – Joe

7 thoughts on “Brief Hiatus”

  1. Saw a pastry chef prepare Cardinal slices on a Julia Child program – either a Baking With Julia or Cooking With Master Chefs episode. I believe the chef gave a little history about the dessert.

    1. Thanks Jud! In fact that’s one of only two recipes I’ve found in English that I like (the other one is by Nick Malgieri). But so far only very little about the history of the thing. I still don’t know why…

  2. I saw a Baking with Julia episode where Markus Farbinger made Cardinal Slice. I think they gave some background on the show. However, there isn’t any background in the companion book. The recipe in the book, though, is wonderfully detailed. Perhaps, your attempt will inspire me to try. It has always looked like a difficult recipe. (I quickly did a Google search, but did not find the episode online, sorry).

    1. Hey Tim!

      I think I may use that recipe, actually. I love the economy of it, and as you say, the detail. Back soon to try it!

      – Joe

    1. Thanks, Mrs. W! This is very helpful indeed. I’ve been debating about the filling…whether to add gelatin to the whipped cream or not. It’s nice to have a formula in the event I need one! Cheers,

      – Joe

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