The Uptight Gourmet Cooks Italian

Love Italian food but abhor the mess it makes in your kitchen? Then this recipe is for you. A full-on cheesy lasagna that bakes up in the hot, watery environment of the dishwasher. Mrs. Pastry loves to tease me because I start cleaning the moment I stop cooking. Imagine my excitement when I discovered a recipe that let me do both at the same time!

UPDATE: Reader Lee points out that dishwasher cuisine is nothing new. Sigh. And here I thought I was on the cutting edge as usual. I remember vividly the whole car engine cooking craze from a decade or so back. It really petered out once people started to realize that once you accidentally melt cheese or spill fish drippings onto your engine block, those food odors migrate very quickly into your car’s interior. Kinda funny the next day, not so funny the next month.

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