Roll, Roll, Roll Your Dough

All the shapes I’m about to show you have a common point of origin: a roughly square piece of Danish pastry dough. So instead of having a 6-shot intro for every coffee cake tutorial, I thought I’d make things easy and put the rolling tutorial into just one post. Start with your dough piece, about 14 ounces. Lay it on an amply floured board…

…and apply the pin.

Roll the dough out into a slightly oblong rectangle, about 14 inches long and 12 inches wide.

You want the dough fairly thin. If it’s too thick you can get too much rising and that can distort the shape of the cake. You’re shooting for about 1/8″ inch.

The shape will probably be a little rough. You can trim it up if you like with a pizza cutter (keep those scraps in a bag in a freezer for projects yet unknown).

Brush the residual flour off the surface of the dough with a brush or a piece of paper towel…

…and you’re ready to rock and roll!

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