Savory or Sweet?

Or perhaps the distinction should be between savory and savory WITH sweet. Allow me to explain. Back in the day, when workers relied on pasties for their daily sustenance, it was fairly common for Cornish housewives to tuck something sweet into one corner of a large pasty as a sort of “dessert”. Most often this sweet corner was comprised of apples, but it could be other things, a few spoonfuls of jam perhaps. The trouble there of course: how to keep the sweet and the savory sections of the pasty from merging into one another? Some enterprising women solved the problem by building in a small pastry “wall” between the two, so the savory stayed savory, and the sweet stayed sweet. Ingenious, yes? Unfortunately I’m nowhere near talented enough to pull off such intricate architecture. That being the case, I’ll have to stick with a wholly savory pie.

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