Request #1: Biscotti

When it comes to my self-image as a son-in-law, I like to consider myself a reasonably good one. By no means perfect, but definitely in the upper quadrant in terms of overall respect and and even obedience (at least, you know, when it’s convenient for me). That said, when my mother-in-law sent in her request that I do biscotti here on the blog, I was very happy to oblige. For I’m telling you, I’ve made an awful lot of biscotti in my day. An awful lot. For a while it was one of my weekly responsibilities in a bakery where I worked, and I got to really enjoy making and baking the stuff. Truth be told, I was never much for the chocolate dipping, since it was my opinion that well-made biscotti didn’t need the overkill of a big napp of chocolate. But who am I to say? Biscotti isn’t really Italian (or not very Italian), so there’s really no arguing about what’s more traditional/authentic/tasteful here. I guess since to me biscotti are for dunking, I never much got behind the idea of semi-melted pieces of chocolate in my coffee and/or tea. The little flake-like pockets of cocoa butter that float on the surface just seem so unappetizing. But I won’t discourage anybody else from doing that, since biscotti are really cookies — and why lay down rules for cookies? It just doesn’t seem right. So go right on and coat’em with chocolate if you wanna. I won’t say anything.

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