How to Make a Cornish Pasty II

Top-crimped, steak and leek, that is. I’ll stick to the shaping instructions, since the dough mixing technique is almost identical to that for side-crimped pasties. We’ll pick up at the point where you’ve assembled your ingredient mound — salted at every layer of course — running right down the middle of your dough circle. Paint the outer edge with water…

Ahh, those long January shadows. Slip your hands under either side of the dough circle…

…and bring your palms together, thus enclosing the filling.

Now then, scooch your hands forward a touch, and while still supporting the pasty with your palms, press the edges of the dough together and the front end to seal. Work your way backward, creating a ridge down the center of the pie.

Now for the decorative crimp, which is even easier than the side-crimped pasty. Staggering your fingers slightly, press the dough between them, thus creating a squiggle shape.

Do this all along the ridge…

Until you’ve crimped the pasty all along its length. And you’re done:

Poke a small steam hole or two on each side, paint with egg wash and bake in a 400 for twenty minutes, then reduce heat to 350 and bake a further 20 minutes, until golden. Eat hot or cold.

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