Doughnut Emergency!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this urgent bulletin: there are some seriously stressed-out would-be doughnut makers out there. Maybe it’s because fall is upon us and expectations are high, but I’m getting some anxious emails, especially about yeast doughnuts. I have yet to put up an actual tutorial on yeast doughnuts, so that’s what I’ll be doing this week, with a special emphasis on the king of raised doughnuts: the jam-filled. So get ready Bismarck lovers, your time is at hand!

3 thoughts on “Doughnut Emergency!”

  1. Hi Joe,

    As u put it succinclty, I’m a would be donut maker who can’t believe his luck for stumbling on ur post with this amazing recipe for yeast raised donuts (I call ’em yeastnuts). That being said I’ve got just 2questions.
    1st: I’ve been wondering, is there rlly a significant difference between using powdered milk and liquid milk? And in ur opinion, which wld u regard as a better dairy ingredient between the two and y?
    2nd: I wana try out a peanut butter and jelly donut recipe using ur recipe here as the. Foundation but with homemade unsweetened almond milk. Do u think I shd use a combo of milk powder and the liquid almond milk and @what ratio to yield the same number of donuts ur recipe yields. Or shd is it ok to use the almond milk just nby itself and @what quantity if the latter happend to be ur expert opinion?
    Thanks Joe.

  2. it puff too much and looks like a ball perhaps i will reduce the quantitiy of the yeast

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