Gobble Gobble

Quite a lot of spirited discussion after yesterday’s post on turkey! I received about twenty emails on the subject, which I won’t post for fear of turning my blog into a Thanksgiving discussion board. Overall the emails broke down into two camps: those who essentially said “Rock on Joe!” and others who took offense, mostly because they didn’t feel I was taking either them, or the craft of good turkey roasting, seriously. For the latter group, let me assure you that I take my food seriously (I mean…just look around here). I’m the last person who’d encourage anyone to take a cavalier attitude toward food preparation. Also, I wasn’t trying to call you a jerk if you brine your turkey or cut it up prior to roasting it. The point I was trying to make is that no Thanksgiving cook should ruin their day trying to produce a turkey that’s perfect according to some outside “professional”‘s standards. Not Harold McGee’s, not Mark Bittman’s, not Thomas Keller’s or Ferran Adria’s…not even mine. One star chef in the kitchen (and by that I mean mom, or grandma, or uncle Pete, or you) is all that any Thanksgiving day needs.

And with that I trust the matter is put to rest, since I have s’mores to make.

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